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  Useful Information & Helpful Hints



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At CLUBTOKMAK we understand how important it is for your holiday to be perfect in every way, so to help you get the best from your holiday we would urge you to take a little time to read this section.

Please note that clicking on the links on this page will take you to external websites which are not within the control of CLUBTOKMAK and are their for your information.

                   Money & travellers cheques

It is recommended that you take a mix of Sterling cash, traveller’s cheques and a small amount of Turkish Lira, (the exchange rate is better in Turkey). If you are taking travellers cheques remember to make a list of serial numbers and keep this separate from the travellers cheques together with contact telephone numbers for the provider of the cheques. It is a good idea to also have to hand the telephone numbers for your credit card providers, in case these are lost at any time during your holiday. Scottish notes are not accepted in Turkey.

                      Drinking Water

It is strongly recommended that only bottled water is drunk. Check that the seal has not been broken on the bottle top and discard the bottle if it is only partially drunk and left for a period of time. Do not drink the tap water as it is not of the same standard as provided in the UK.


Turkey is a secular state that guarantees complete freedom of worship to all religions. The society is very tolerant and welcomes visitors to the spectacular Moslem mosques. As a mark of respect though, all visitors to mosques should remove their shoes, women should cover their heads and arms and not wear mini skirts or shorts and men should not wear shorts.

                        Water Supply

The hot water provided in many accommodations is heated by solar panels which limit the amount of hot water available, particularly at times of peak usage. It is not uncommon for short periods to be without water.


Voltage is 220V and you will need a continental 2 pin plug adapter.


Urgent must read about getting e visa now for turkey no more paying when you get their please visit link below to find out more information regarding this.

Deadline for the application of Stamp Visa and Banderole visa for entering the Republic of Turkey at the border gates
23/12/2013 - Announcement

Dear Visa Applicants, Turkish Consulate General kindly request the following information to be circulated; The application of Stamp Visa and Banderole visa for entering the Republic of Turkey at the border gates will continue together (simultaneously) with the e-visa application until 10th April 2014. After the aforementioned date (10 April 2014) the application of Stamp Visa and Banderole visa will be abolished and will completely be replaced by the e-visa application. The citizens of the countries who are eligible to get the banderole visa given at the border gates will be able to enter the Republic of Turkey with getting an “e-visa” online from the website "" instead. Turkish Consulate General would like to inform and emphasize the deadline (10 April 2014) for the application of Stamp Visa and Banderole visa for entering the Republic of Turkey at the border gates.

                 Travel & Getting About

Travel in Turkey is great value so get out and about and explore the resort and the surrounding area. Most people use the Dolmus services. These are cheap and convenient locally licensed minibuses which don’t have official stops, you just wave them down! Ordinary taxis are also easily available and they are not expensive compared to the UK.

According to the general visa (for touristic purposes) rules, British passport holders have the right to stay 90 days in 180 days. The day you enter Turkey (not the day you get visa) is  the first day of the period of 180 days which means your right to stay 90 days duly starts on the day you enter Turkey.

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